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Here is an overview of our requirements.

Please take your time and go through all of the listed points.

If you have any questions about anything listed here don’t hesitate to contact us! However, we do not make any exceptions from our rules.

Got questions? We have answers!

I. Personal requirements

  • You must be active on Instagram and have at least 500 followers.
  • You must follow our Instagram account @streetandmoody.
  • Your photo(s) must be your photos, meaning you must be the sole copyright holder.
  • You give us permission to publish your entire full name and your IG handle.
  • You give us permission to use your photo(s) for the entire Street and Moody project, including using your photo(s) on social media platforms and websites related to this project.

II. Objective requirements

  • Your photo(s) must fit in the magazines categories (street, moody, cinematic, etc.).
  • The resolution of each photo is at least 2480 x 3508 pixels (DIN A4).
  • All photos must contain the location (name of the city) and the year the photo had been taken.
  • All photos must also contain a description in English with at least five sentences. The description cannot contain any smilies, links, titles, and commercials.
  • Make sure that you give each file a destinct name in the following format: “Your_Name_photo_1”. Your description must reference the respective photo.

III. Submission process

  • If you meet all the requirements, please contact us first prior to sending us all of your work. You can reach us via Instagram, Facebook or E-Mail (see contact us).
  • Tell us, which photos you would like to submit and send us screenshots.
  • Once we approve your submission, you will need to send us your Dropboxmail. We will then create a folder for you to upload all of your files. If you don’t have a Dropboxaccount you can create one here for free.

IV. What happens next?

  • We will process your submission and contact you as soon as we are done with the issue.
  • If your photo is chosen to be the title image of the issue we will also use your photo as a background image for our facebook page. Of course you will be mentioned.

FYI: We will never claim copyrights on your photos. Your photos will always be your photos. You allow us to publish your photos under this project.

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